Thursday, June 13, 2013

Preppy Target!

I have to give Target props lately. They have some cute, preppy items in stores right now. Get thee to Target and check it out! Here are some of my current favs....and, yes, I have purchased many of these items for the 2013 summer wardrobe. Can you blame me?

I love, love, love these pants! Really flattering and they come with a bright belt!

This $20 skirt could pass for the J. Crew version. Just sayin....

How cute is this seersucker dress?
Seahorses and a polka dot belt? Might as well be a bullseye...
You don't know me but I'm a pale lady so I don't rock a lot of summer shorts but I love these!
An adorable ikat summer scarf. Love!!

Pink gingham! Enough said.

 Hope you all are having a great week!
Thankfully, it's almost over - TGIF!!!


  1. I need to peruse my Target soon. Saw those pants on a lady this morning- they look really good! That scarf is my favorite!!

  2. Wow, I really have to check out target, this clothes are adorable... and a lot cheaper then their counterparts at J.Crew and other similar stores

  3. I love those pants!! Before I saw the title, I thought they were Banana Republic, because I have some very similar from there. I love how Target is going classic, and really has some nice things too!

  4. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on Target. I can drop $200 there in no time. Without even trying haha.